2016 - A Year to Look Forward To

Originally posted on The Canon Rebel - 1st April 2016

It’s safe to say that it’s been all a bit quiet on the book front when it comes to Star Wars canon – there hasn’t really been much to write about, or much written by authors! However, yesterdays announcements have inspired this Star Wars blogger to tap away on the keyboard once more!

What have we had so far in 2016? We’ve still had the comics ticking along nicely – in all honesty, no major news has come out of these recently – but do catch the Kanan comic if you can as that ended spectacularly with two wonderful cameos. Let’s hope that the Poe Dameron comic which starts next week leads to some exciting adventures!

Looking forward – what is there to come? Well…a lot, a real lot.

We have had two books in this children’s series so far and I have to say, they were both very much entertaining romps. Don’t get me wrong these aren’t going to win any literary prizes but they’re 100% Star Wars adventures. The series follows a brother and sister, Milo and Lina, as they try and find their kidnapped parents – with the help of their annoying droid. It is classic Star Wars, a brother and sister fighting against the formidable empire with against the odds adventure on every page. Safe to say, I really enjoyed the two novels so far.

Oddly, these books are relatively hard to come by in the U.S.A as they’re published in Europe first (great for me!) but do pick these up if you can as books three and four are following in the Summer with a promise of a Star Wars Rebels Season One tie in which pleases this Story Group Nerd very much.

This was the BIG announcement of yesterday – we finally find out what happened after the much loved Ahsoka left the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars television series. All this was announced after the triumphant finale of season two in which she met her former master Darth Vader one on one. Arguably this will now be the most anticipated novel of 2016, more so than Bloodline and Aftermath: Life Debt.

Why? She’s fiercely loved by a lot of people – we saw her grow up during the Clone Wars series and then impart valuable wisdom within the latest season of Star Wars Rebels. I think the way she left the order makes a difference too – she left with her pride very much intact and returned a mature leader. Those intervening years penned by Emily Kate Johnston should be a joy to behold.

You wouldn't know for the lack of publicity - but there is actually a Star Wars film coming out this year. Like many, I'm assuming the first trailer will be released alongside Captain America: Civil War (edit: how wrong I was) as Disney will most likely want to keep it within the family. This book is scheduled for release in October and is a prequel to the much anticipated film. There shall also be a Marvel series penned by Chuck Wendig. Who's the author of the book? No idea! My hope? Alexander Freed would be great as we know he can write a fabulous war story as seen in Battlefront: Twilight Company.


These have been written about by many so I will barely touch on these - Claudia Grey and Chuck Wendig return to the canon with General Leia Bloodline and Aftermath's sequel Life Debt. Grey's Star Wars bow with Lost Stars was heralded by man a fan last year so next months (!) Bloodline is eagerly anticipated.

As discussed on this site, Aftermath divided the fandom with its present tense prose and Wendi's' antics on Twitter. I for one enjoyed it and it seems we shall be learning more about Chewbacca and Han's friendship in the second book of the trilogy. We also had a teeny hint from Del Rey that Sloane will be active in this book which pleases me very much.

All in all, we're in for a very good year and you shall find it all covered by yours truly. 

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