"Be a candle, or the night"

Originally posted on The Canon Rebel - September 7th 2015

Be a candle, or the night
— Master Yoda

It’s safe to say, albeit a fun and exciting week in the world of Star Wars literature there has also been a simmering tension. The sort of friction a book like Aftermath was always going to bring and sadly, the response hasn’t always been that great. My plan in this blog is to assess some of the more controversial views and as a new fan to state my own thoughts. Sometimes a fresh perspective can help.

Overall you could say my status is “Hakuna Mutata” (to coin a famous Disney phrase)…lets move on…lets embrace the greatness that will come our way in December and accept, that as fans, we all just want Star Wars to continue to progress into something that all generations can relate to and love equally.

To the EU fans:

I cannot begin to understand the annoyance you must have felt when the canon was renewed. I never met Han and Leia’s children but from what I hear, they’re wonderful characters who will live long in the memory of the pages they’re a part of.

As I wrote in my first ever post, I’ve never read a Legends book, it doesn’t interest me to be honest, I don’t see the point as there is already so much for me to take in. However, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t of value, that the characters that graced the galaxy far far away won’t be instrumental in future books. (The title of this blog is from an EU book). However, making Chuck Wendig’s life a little harder this week just isn’t cool, the comments on Del Rey’s Facebook page are occasionally embarrassing and the 1* Amazon reviews are just plain insulting to one mans hard work. Please don’t take your frustration out on people who can’t do anything about it, there is some great stuff out there to explore and I implore you to do so.

I realise I may be rubbing salt in the wounds and that is the last thing I want to do but please, take it from someone who also loves Star Wars and come on the journey with me. December 18th really is happening and these books are leading us to an even great adventure on that day.


This is the best thing about the new canon. I read one comment that Disney is trying to force a political point down our throats but I would argue the exact opposite. Look at the world around us, it’s changed a bit since A New Hope and Star Wars has to adapt to the world we live in to stay current. The fact that we have had multiple LGBT characters in the new books is something to be applauded and not rejected.

I’m a straight white male who lives in England – it’s safe to say, I’m not a minority. I have friends who are though, who deserve a voice, who deserve a hero – lets not shy away from that, in fact, let them come to the fore, let them be the heroes that the Outer Rim needs. Thank you Star Wars and Disney for being brave and ultimately embracing the world that does exist and one that I love to call my home.

We’re really lucky:

I haven’t read Aftermath yet, it’s not out in the UK until Thursday. I may not like it, (I doubt it). That’s ok though, I will write my review and hope for a better second book in the trilogy. I may love it, (probably will) and that’ll be part of my review too. The great thing about the books is that they’re unique, and have a different authors perspective. I don’t think Paul S. Kemp would have delivered the same emotion as Christie Golden in Dark Disciple, but who does that remind you of? Us fans? We all have that one thing in common and yet we’re all so different. No matter what direction Disney take Star Wars, we always will.

I wasn’t around in the dark times of Star Wars fandom, I’m riding on the wave of euphoria that won’t stop for some years. I feel incredibly lucky to have found something that makes me so excited and makes me want to write blogs at 23:30. As fans of Star Wars we are all really lucky and Disney has rescued something we all thought had died a death.

My urge to all fans is that no matter your opinions or thoughts on where Disney and the Story Group are taking us lets all just try and enjoy the ride and be kind to each other and the creators in the process.

Signing out,