Elite Stormtroopers...they're now a thing:

Writer Jason Aaron and new artist Jorge Molina deliver a very cool new Stormtrooper look to be shown in the Star Wars Marvel comic.

Elite Stormtroopers - Will be seen in Star Wars #21

Elite Stormtroopers - Will be seen in Star Wars #21

The below is from the Star Wars Website:

A new arc is coming. Marvel’s Star Wars #20 will wrap up the current story, and issue #21 will launch a fresh adventure for our heroes and their foes. “The Last Flight of Harbinger” is set to introduce an elite group of Imperial stormtroopers who will prove to be quite the foil to the Rebels
— Starwars.com

In my opinion, the comics have stagnated a little in terms of story line but these stormtroopers could liven up the story somewhat and give our favourite band of rebels a real threat. The troopers are led by a character we already met in issue 10, Sergeant Kreel. If you remember, he is the man who helped Luke train for the aptly named "Arena of Death" on Nar Shadaa. Think topless, muscly and menacing.

I like these developments! Why?

- We get to see more characters within the Empire - specifically the Stormtroopers which are normally pretty faceless in both character and look. This goes in keeping with the canon so far as seen with Finn in The Force Awakens and Thara in Battlefront: Twilight Company. 

- We should see some defining story. At the moment the comics aren't really giving us anything major in terms of story. Hopefully this new arc will show us some defining character development/moments in what has been a rather stale third volume thus far. 

- The war in Star Wars. I mean LOOK AT THEM! They reek awesomeness, they're a unit that you'd expect to see in something like Gears of War. If these troopers can't bring a substantial threat to Luke and co nothing will. Obviously these main characters aren't going to die, but seriously, look at those guns and weapons. They have to do something right?

Don't expect our band of Rebels to meet these guys immediately though, Aaron has mentioned that issue 21 is about our new elites and 22 catches up with Han, Luke and Leia etc. Issue 23 and onwards should show what I hope to be an epic confrontation. Better work on those lightsaber skills Luke!

What do you think to the new design?

Let me know!