I've Never Read a Star Wars Legends Book:

Originally posted on The Canon Rebel - April 30th 2015

Well…does the Jedi Apprentice series as a kid count?

You may be wondering, who is this person? Why do they think they can start a blog about Star Wars Literacy if they have missed all the years that have gone before? Well part of me agrees with that question – I’ve never blogged before and you could certainly say I’m no expert on all of Star Wars, hell I can barely answer the trivia questions they tweet out every week!

Well…the reason is this, I love Star Wars, a lot of people do, the thought of Episode VII still makes all my hairs stand on end. Late 2014 I decided to give Star Wars another shot, now that I’m what you could class as an adult, it deserved it. Very promptly after A New Hope was watched so were all the films, The Clone Wars and then Rebels!

The need to know more intensified, I wanted to know what happened to Luke, Han and Leia after Return of the Jedi, I wanted to know why a Jedi lost his way like Kanan and most of all I wanted to know Darth Vader in more depth. The only way to get this knowledge? The books!

Like most people looking to start reading Star Wars books I purged through all the websites looking for the best books to start with, was it The New Jedi Order or should I go with The Old Republic? I had no idea and soon resigned myself to the fact that the universe of books was just too large for a new fan to even think about.

Then I came across the news about the whole new Canon and unlike some, my heart leapt for joy. There was a whole new place for me to start, A New Dawn you could say.

I realise this whole new Canon thing annoyed a lot of people (if you read the abuse Del Rey get on social media “annoyed” is an understatement”) but I can understand the reasonings behind it. Opening up the vast world to a whole new generation, a generation that I could be part of. Star Wars had opened its doors to me and many others.

One of the joys of Star Wars, as seen by the recent celebration in Anaheim, is that anyone can find it relatable, be it young or old, male or female, its a fantastic story and that story will now live on through the new movies and the new canon.

I’ve just started Lords of the Sith and I’ve read all the books in the new Canon, including the Disney Press ones, (Zare Leonis and Merei Spanjaf are wonderful characters). Is this a bad thing? Do I not qualify as a true Star Wars fan because of this, because I don’t know of what came before? No. I love Star Wars and that is surely what matters?!

So join me, join me on the Journey through the new canon. Here I will be exploring the books, writing reviews and giving overviews of the lesser read series. You may even find some excitement around Rebels (season 2 looks amazing!) and obviously talk of Episode VII too!